Smoked Chicken Breast


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1 LB. (PKG)

These Natural, Chicken Breasts have been Smoked low-and-slow over apple and hickory wood imparting a savory and subtly sweet flavor.  The meat itself is incredibly tender and moist making it a perfect stand-in for your go-to deli meat in an amazing sandwich, snack, or salad.


• Humanely Raised – All of our chickens come from family farms here in Indiana that adhere to humanely raised standards and focus on environmental stewardship.

• Slow Smoked – Our chicken is smoked low and slow over apple and hickory wood which impart a savory, yet subtly sweet flavor.

• Easy Preparation – Just heat, slice and serve. Perfect for an amazing sandwich, snack, or salad.

• Big on Flavor – This smoked chicken has a savory and subtly sweet flavor from apple and hickory wood that packs a flavor punch.

• Ready-to-Go – This is an incredibly convenient meal option as all you have to do is warm it up before enjoying a delicious smoked chicken sandwich, snack, or salad.

• All-Natural – Enjoy all-natural, tender, and moist chicken with no added hormones or antibiotics that you can feel good about serving to your family.

• Hand Crafted Quality – Crafted by local artisans in Texas, these smoked chicken breasts are slowly cooked to ensure they retain their juicy, flavorful and tender texture.

• Versatile and Delicious – Great as a sandwich meat, snack, or salad, the delicious smoky flavor makes every meal amazing.

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